Unique Property Home Loan Programs

Looking for a Unique Property Home Loan Program? Joe Wagner will be glad to help! Give Joe Wagner a call at 612-327-4544. Ready to get started? Apply Here.


We’re one of few lenders offering long-term, fixed-rate financing for unusual residences that are difficult to appraise due to lack of comparable properties. We can value and underwrite loans for:

  • Earth and berm homes
  • Pole shed homes
  • Geodesic domes
  • Silo homes
  • Other unique homes

If you’re contemplating the purchase or refinance of a one-of-a-kind residence, apply online or contact Joe Wagner at 612-327-4544.


Have questions about Unique Property Home Loans? Call Joe Wagner at 612-327-4544. It's his job to answer lending questions, so he is happy to help! We know you're busy, so feel free to complete the form below to be contacted by Joe Wagner. 

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